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Jul 1, 2016

Best of San Francisco 2016

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Every year, the editors of San Francisco magazine scour the Bay Area for the spots that make this place great, from the most dynamo breakfast burrito to the greatest coffee shop (hat tip to CoffeeShop) to the best karaoke.

This year I edited the Help section, a task that sent me on a whirlwind chase for the best tailor, the most skilled bra fitter, and the tastiest wedding cake (just try doing four tastings in one morning—even I, a confirmed cake fiend, could barely lift my fork by the end). Here, check out the Help section in full; your dog, your hair, and your inner exercise buff just might thank you.

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Jan 28, 2016

Here Comes the ‘San Francisco’ Super Bowl

Despite San Francisco’s utter lack of an NFL-grade stadium, the city by the bay somehow got stuck hosting the Super Bowl—or, at least, the official festivities surrounding Santa Clara’s big game. For the hundreds of thousands of San Franciscans who aren’t getting out of town—and aren’t NFL VIPs)—I edited a Super Bowl survival package, now out in the February issue of San Francisco magazine.

My small crack team of writers and I mapped the hoopla to help locals find the party (or steer clear of the congestion), delved into the economics of hosting a mega–sporting event, and sussed out whether the city really is shooing homeless people away from the Embarcadero, the site of the Super Bowl fan village. Check out the whole package here (PDF).


Jun 19, 2013

Panoramic Photos of Architecture, Made with a Cartographer’s Bag of Tricks

Kasbah, by photographer Brent Townshend

“Kasbah,” by Brent Townshend.

If you were a fish and could spin like a ballerina with your chin in the air, you might see the world the way Brent Townshend photographs it. The Bay Area-based artist has traveled the world—London, Paris, New York, and San Francisco, of course—with his fish-eye lens pointed skyward, snapping 360-degree panoramas of clouds, bridges, and towers in as many as 1,000 photos a take. “When you walk around in a cityscape, you live on a very horizontal plane, from the ground to maybe a few degrees above,” says Townshend, whose work is on view in a group show at San Francisco’s Modernbook Gallery through June 29. Shooting wide-angle, he says, “allows you to capture this wide view and put it into a single viewpoint.”

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Jun 18, 2013

How Micro Can You Go? Testing The Limits Of The Tiny Apartment In LA

“How Small Is Too Small?” at LA Forum. Photo: Luke Gibson

I’ve come down hard on micro-apartments for promoting dorm life for full-fledged adults, glorifying prison cells, and lacquering unlivable pockets of space with a designer sheen that’s unattainable on most micro-incomes. But with an in-depth new show on micro-living at Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design to consider, I was prepared to give the idea at least 220 square feet of my attention.

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Mar 29, 2013

Recent Lady News

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Mar 2, 2013

In Defense of Marissa Mayer

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer bans working from home

My take on the whole working-from-home firestorm at Yahoo, via Ladyish.


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