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Jun 19 2013

Panoramic Photos of Architecture, Made with a Cartographer’s Bag of Tricks

Kasbah, by photographer Brent Townshend

“Kasbah,” by Brent Townshend.

If you were a fish and could spin like a ballerina with your chin in the air, you might see the world the way Brent Townshend photographs it. The Bay Area-based artist has traveled the world—London, Paris, New York, and San Francisco, of course—with his fish-eye lens pointed skyward, snapping 360-degree panoramas of clouds, bridges, and towers in as many as 1,000 photos a take. “When you walk around in a cityscape, you live on a very horizontal plane, from the ground to maybe a few degrees above,” says Townshend, whose work is on view in a group show at San Francisco’s Modernbook Gallery through June 29. Shooting wide-angle, he says, “allows you to capture this wide view and put it into a single viewpoint.”

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Jun 18 2013

How Micro Can You Go? Testing The Limits Of The Tiny Apartment In LA

“How Small Is Too Small?” at LA Forum. Photo: Luke Gibson

I’ve come down hard on micro-apartments for promoting dorm life for full-fledged adults, glorifying prison cells, and lacquering unlivable pockets of space with a designer sheen that’s unattainable on most micro-incomes. But with an in-depth new show on micro-living at Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design to consider, I was prepared to give the idea at least 220 square feet of my attention.

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