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Jun 28 2012

A Small, Bitchy Nora Ephron Tribute

All good cultural observers are, at their core, nitpickers with social skills. One of my favorite nitpickers was Nora Ephron.

Since her death I’ve been reading through the avalanche of movie clips and best-of roundups (if memory/the Internet serves me, the LA Times posted their poll on the best Nora Ephron movie quotes before the obituary even went up), trying to decide which line from When Harry Met Sally is my favorite. It would be better to just admit that the whole movie is my favorite line. Except for one single unfavorite line, an aberration that disrupts the momentum of an otherwise perfect script. It’s in the plane scene.

Cue Sally:

“We have only known each other for a month, and besides, neither one of us is looking to get married right now.”

It’s the only purely expository line in the movie. I’m a writer and I know dialogue!

Jun 2 2012

The Central Metaphor of Bridezilla Stock Photography Is Not What I Would Have Expected

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