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Feb 17 2012

Romance-Novel Sentence Diagrams

To close out Valentine’s Day Week, I did a set of romance-novel sentence diagrams for the Hairpin. One of the commenters requested a T-shirt (great idea); another wanted an entire romance novel rendered in diagrams. I need this also. Then the diagrams can be printed out onto wallpaper sheets for your bathroom or beach house. The trick would be locating the actual dirty parts and making sure they don’t get buried behind the cabinetry.

Feb 17 2012

The Most Historic BMW Dealership

In California, something doesn’t have to be super-old to be historic—hell, it doesn’t even have to exist anymore. A set of geographic coordinates where something old once stood will do. Here in Mountain View, shopping for a BMW can be a cultural experience, since you’re comparing backup cams and seat cushion-bum compatibility on the former site of a hotel/shop/blacksmith’s–cum–school/post office/church (what?).

Hell, the strip malls of “historic” El Camino Real all count as mixed use, as long as you factor in the space-time continuum!


Feb 7 2012

Opening February 18: KAWS at the High Museum

For the February issue of ARTnews, I had the pleasure of interviewing Brian Donnelly, a.k.a. KAWS, about his upcoming solo show at Atlanta’s High Museum of Art.

KAWS’s candy-colored paintings and sculptures suggest a kind of parallel universe in which cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse and the Smurfs grapple with fear and calamity: collapsing landscapes, falling objects, agoraphobia. As in a dream, the characters look familiar, but with strange alterations—they have X’s for eyes and crossbones through their heads. Through his adulterated versions of these cartoon innocents (which also include SpongeBob and the Michelin Man), KAWS plays out humanlike internal dramas in the cheerful, Plasticine language of Pop.

Donnelly made a site-specific painting for the show, Silent City, which will hang like a billboard in the High’s atrium.

Here’s the story.


Feb 6 2012

Casuglam in Chicago

For February’s Architectural Record I wrote about Ian Schrager’s new Chicago hotel, PUBLIC. The exterior of the hotel—née the Ambassador East in 1926—remains a Beaux Arts classic, but the gingerbread-laden interiors got a perceptive makeunder.

PUBLIC is part of my roundup of stylish renovations, which also includes a new headquarters for the Livestrong Foundation in Austin and a Hamptons town hall stitched together from four different antique houses and barns.


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