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Nov 29 2011

Brilliant: The Sweet Valley High Recap Blog

I’m way late to this, but I must say there is some good stuff over on the Dairi Burger, the Sweet Valley High recap blog written by Robin Hardwick. Yes, it’s easy to mock the blond-eyed, blue-haired “perfection” of the twins’ seemingly endless junior year—the weekly bashes at the Fowler estate with, like, crystal and huge florist bills, the stock-phrase narration (all fiery exchanges and wistful glances), the clothes (can we talk about the lady tuxedo outfit Jess was dying to borrow in book one, or the rhinestone jumpsuit she shocked the Kansans with on the Wakefields’ farm vacation?). And, of course, the breathy kissing scenes with lots of sighing and excessive use of direct address (“Oh, Todd…”) to stand in for actual teen friskiness, because under their clothes they all just have bikinis where their bits would be. For serious, when I was ten I was convinced that “temples” had to be a euphemism for something, but no, they were just caressing the soft spots in each other’s skulls.

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