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Aug 31 2011

Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows

From the Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows Tumblr, which is a lot like Alain de Botton’s Twitter feed, but with imagery worthy of a Lorrie Moore story:

n. fatigue with the laborious maintenance of having a body, a piñata of meat that’s incompatible with the Legoland rationality of the modern world, which was built for beings whose indestructible parts lock onto the Earth with a satisfying ‘click,’ whose emotions are standardized, whose mistakes are best measured in parts per million.

My next unrealized conceptual art project: a Chrome plugin that changes those “blank” Google and Facebook avatars to meat piñata icons.

[Via the Hairpin]

Aug 17 2011

Punctuation in Outer Space

450 million light years from Earth, two galaxies are colliding in a grammatically correct way.

[via the Daily Mail]

Aug 10 2011

Dictionary of Photography Clichés

Over at Triple Canopy, artist Dana Hoey put together a reflexively reflexive reflection on photography clichés. Some sample entries from her dictionary:

Everything but photography and knitting. Also, photography and knitting.

Decisive moment
So named by Cartier-Bresson as best moment to take photograph. Oddly, this is a drawing problem, since the decisive moment mainly consists of getting the pigeon wing exactly lined up with the taxi door. Damn painting. Lots of decisive moments available in video.

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Aug 5 2011

Cosmo for Guys Just as Scientific as Lady Cosmo

This week on the Hairpin I took a peek inside Cosmo for Guys, the new iPad-only magazine from the editors of Cosmopolitan. Some handy stats from the inaugural issue:

• 68 percent of women want to hear from their date within an hour of saying goodnight.

• According to a very legit University of Oxford study, cologne can actually make you look hotter to a woman. This intoxicating mix of vanilla and pepper will make her particularly randy.

This last is said of a Dolce & Gabbana cologne called the One Gentleman, which is billed as the choice for gents who want to smell like Matthew McConaughey.

Lesson: Be creepy on multiple sensory levels?

Aug 2 2011

Architectural Record: Health Care

Ever wonder how to apply feng shui to architecture? KMD Architects tried it out with the Osher Center in San Francisco. And for the Chickasaw Nation in Oklahoma, PageSoutherlandPage built a medical center on a civic scale.

See how they did it in my roundup of health-care buildings for the August issue.

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