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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Mar 11 2011

Emily Post Friday, Starring Letitia Baldridge as Emily Post

In honor of the long lost Internet tradition Cat Picture Friday, I bring you the wise words of my own favorite feline, Emily Post. Excerpted from her Blue Book of Social Usage, which hails from a time much like our own—1950—when unwed couples required chaperones to travel and new brides worried about throwing a dinner party with only one servant.

This time Jackie Kennedy’s former chief of staff Letitia Baldridge fills in, advising us on how to order proper wedding invitations, doubtless an important part of “the architecture of a beautiful first wedding.”

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Mar 10 2011

Architectural Record: Libraries

How do you open up a cavernous building without interfering with its landmarked facade? Scott Simons Architects shows us how.

And I’m afraid another of this month’s projects has given me reading-room envy: The Thompson Memorial Library at Ohio State University. (I wish we could have included a picture of the reading room; here’s a slightly fuzzy one.)

Playing catch-up: February’s roundup featured some great adaptive reuse projects. Kanner Architects transformed Hollywood’s tallest building, turning an ego-friendly office tower with nothing but corner offices into a sleek glass block where everyone gets a corner apartment.

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