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Dec 3 2010

Architectural Record: Museums & Galleries

How do you turn a 400-year-old nursing home into a world-class museum? In December’s roundup of museums and galleries, Hans van Heeswijk Architects lays it out. Of course, it helps if the nursing home has real estate on the Amstel—and if the museum is the Hermitage.

Dec 3 2010

Emily Post Friday: The Dinner Menu

In honor of the long lost Internet tradition Cat Picture Friday, I bring you the wise words of my own favorite feline, Emily Post. Excerpted from her Blue Book of Social Usage, which hails from a time much like our own—1950—when unwed couples required chaperones to travel and new brides worried about throwing a dinner party with only one servant.

Today we are not sure what to serve our guests at dinner. And what if we are embarrassed by the new cook, whose edible sculptures tend to tremble when the waitress whisks by with a squab? For us anxious types, Emily has this advice: chill.

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